KERAMIA ALLATINI is building crucial collaborations.


Partnerships of strategic importance in the direction of financial development and upgraded management.


KERAMIA ALLATINI is one of the most important production units that contributed to the industrial development of the place.


KERAMIA ALLATINI with experience, confidence and vision sets a strategy that keeps it a pioneer in the decades to come.


The company’s strategy at this stage is focused on the following:

Activity in the real estate development sector.
Pursuit of alliances in the construction sector with companies in the sector with which synergies can arise from the co-operation of real estate.

Company history

1858 - Develop the property which is located in Harilaou District in Thessaloniki.

The brothers Allatini founded the company , which had two industry sectors, ceramic production and flour mills. The products of ‘ Kerameia Allatini ” were floor tiles, sewage pipes, decorative bricks and roof tiles.

1964 - Creation of production branches

The company was divided into two, creating two independent companies which both enter the Athens Stock Exchange.

1992 - Kotsia brothers

The company continues with the brothers Konstantinos and Liveris Kotsias , who after buying the majority of stocks, modernized the production facilities, setting new goals and objectives.

1998 - Construction of a state-of-the-art factory

A new factory is built in an area of ​​77.000m2 in the prefecture of Kilkis, for the environmentally friendly production of Cotto ceramic tiles.

2000 - New Gres Porcellanato tiles

The product range is enriched with new Gres Porcellanato tiles, expanding the opportunity for further development.

2004 - Modernization of departments

The production is suspended in order to modernize parts of the plant

2007 - Affiliates and new business

It is decided to separate the industry sector from the mother company. A new subsidiary is created based in Kilkis prefecture called ” Kerameia Allatini Ceramics Production Industry SA” while the mother company’ s name changes to ‘ Kerameia Allatini SA Property Management and Holdings’. The new object of activity is the management of real estate and investments. Also a new subsidiary company is founded with the name of ” Kerameia Allatini Photovoltaic Parks SA”. Its objective was the construction and management of a 3MW photovoltaic park 25km from Thessaloniki.

2009 - Consolidation of the company

During the reorganization of the company it was decided to sell all of the company held shares in the subsidiary company ” Kerameia Allatini Production Industry Ceramics SA »

2011 - Sale of all shares

All of the company held shares in the subsidiary company ‘Kerameia Allatini Photovoltaic Parks SA’ are sold, and the management of the land is retained


Continuous improvement of costs and productivity and optimal utilization of human resources. At the same time, utilizing our large real estate, we are ready to enter the real estate market throughout Greece with comparative advantages.


With the same quality standards and always following the rapidly changing requirements in the international environment, we build crucial collaborations.


KERAMIA ALLATINI since 1858 is one of the most important production units that contributed to the industrial development of the place. This great past finds its continuation in an equally dynamic present, which in turn guarantees a great future.