Company History


“Kerameia Allatini SA. Real Estate & Holdings Management “is one of the oldest Companies in Greece.

1858 - Develop the property which is located in Harilaou District in Thessaloniki.

The brothers Allatini founded the company , which had two industry sectors, ceramic production and flour mills. The products of ' Kerameia Allatini " were floor tiles, sewage pipes, decorative bricks and roof tiles.

1964 - Creation of production branches

The company was divided into two, creating two independent companies which both enter the Athens Stock Exchange.

1992 - Kotsia brothers

The company continues with the brothers Konstantinos and Liveris Kotsias , who after buying the majority of stocks, modernized the production facilities, setting new goals and objectives.

1998 - Construction of a state-of-the-art factory

A new factory is built in an area of ​​77.000m2 in the prefecture of Kilkis, for the environmentally friendly production of Cotto ceramic tiles.

2000 - New Gres Porcellanato tiles

The product range is enriched with new Gres Porcellanato tiles, expanding the opportunity for further development.

2004 - Modernization of departments

The production is suspended in order to modernize parts of the plant

2007 - Affiliates and new business

It is decided to separate the industry sector from the mother company. A new subsidiary is created based in Kilkis prefecture called " Kerameia Allatini Ceramics Production Industry SA" while the mother company’ s name changes to ' Kerameia Allatini SA Property Management and Holdings’. The new object of activity is the management of real estate and investments. Also a new subsidiary company is founded with the name of " Kerameia Allatini Photovoltaic Parks SA". Its objective was the construction and management of a 3MW photovoltaic park 25km from Thessaloniki.

2009 - Consolidation of the company

During the reorganization of the company it was decided to sell all of the company held shares in the subsidiary company " Kerameia Allatini Production Industry Ceramics SA »

2011 - Sale of all shares

All of the company held shares in the subsidiary company ‘Kerameia Allatini Photovoltaic Parks SA’ are sold, and the management of the land is retained